Stock/ Index


Long term trend

Downward sloping but flat – inconclusive

Short term trend

Upward sloping, spot above EMA

Bollinger band

On the upper channel of the bollinger band

Oscillator 2


Oscillator 3

Strong positive cross over

Closing price (Spot price)


Change from previous day


Nifty future premium (december expiry)

+ 47.25

Current position bias

Short bias, hedged compared to yesterday

Maximum Open interest

Puts of 10,000/ 10,200 / 10,500 / 10,700/ 11,000 Calls of 11,000 / 11,500


True to his word, Donald Trump is all out to enforce the ban on Iran. It’s getting a thriller and messier OPEC Middle East geopolitics.

This has caused the Oil prices to rise by more than 5% over the last 3 sessions, which has been contrary to our expectations.

OPEC meeting turned uneventful and most of the decisions seem to be as expected. In the run-up to the meeting Oil has risen significantly and it is seen that the futures are showing an anomaly. We expect the Oil prices to fall.

A sequence referred as Nature’s numbering system and appear everywhere from pattern of florets of Sunflower or scales of pineapple to pyramids in Egypt. Fibonacci retracements are based on the mathematical findings of Leonardo Fibonacci which he stumbled across while answering a curious question – One pair of Rabbit produces how many pairs of Rabbits in a year. He discovered a series of

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