Stock/ Index


Long term trend

Downward sloping but flat – inconclusive

Short term trend

Upward sloping, spot above EMA

Bollinger band

On the upper channel of the bollinger band

Oscillator 2


Oscillator 3

Strong positive cross over

Closing price (Spot price)


Change from previous day


Nifty future premium (december expiry)

+ 47.25

Current position bias

Short bias, hedged compared to yesterday

Maximum Open interest

Puts of 10,000/ 10,200 / 10,500 / 10,700/ 11,000 Calls of 11,000 / 11,500


True to his word, Donald Trump is all out to enforce the ban on Iran. It’s getting a thriller and messier OPEC Middle East geopolitics.

This has caused the Oil prices to rise by more than 5% over the last 3 sessions, which has been contrary to our expectations.

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